Chef Pam Fanjoy


A unique, interactive, three-hour culinary experience hosted by Chopped Canada Champion, Chef Pam Fanjoy at our Hillsburgh Culinary Studio.

Come ready to learn some new tricks in the kitchen during this hour and a half, hands on cooking class, where we will cook up a three course meal together. Then, it is time to indulge in a delicious meal served family style so you can enjoy what you have prepared as a team. Come as a single guest, as a couple or with friends.


Gather your team to connect and cook with Chef Pam Fanjoy!

Chef Pam Fanjoy, Chopped Canada Champion

Corporate Culinary and Wellness Events with Chef Pam Fanjoy, MSW, RSW and Chopped Canada Champion. Learn how to keep mental health front and centre, and create a better work-life balance to be more productive at work and home.

Chef Pam is a clinical social worker and child, adolescent and family therapist and award-winning chef. She is also founder and Executive Director of Cooking Up Change, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to using food, interactive cooking classes and innovative counselling programs to improve the mental and physical health of young people and families.

Fanjoy Junior Chef™ Culinary Programs

Culinary classes, therapeutic programs & life skills training to nourish body, mind and soul™.

Fanjoy Junior Chef™ Culinary Programs

Fanjoy Junior Chef™ Culinary programs are cooking up change that lasts a lifetime for youth and their families.

Fanjoy’s Junior Chef™ programming provides teens and young adults with innovative cooking classes and therapeutic programs that build confidence, increase social connection and teach healthy life skills for optimal mental health. When youth feel that they belong and can feed their body, mind and soul, they will thrive and reach their potential.